All student absences shall be designated as either excused or unexcused. A student shall be excused for absence from school for the following reasons: Illness, legal requirements, and permission by principal or designated representative.




In accordance with State Law, 16-28-12, a parent or guardian must explain the cause of all missed school time by students under their control or charge.   Students must bring a written excuse from home signed by the student’s parent or guardian for each absence. The request for an excused absence must be presented to the designated school official within three days of returning from the absence in order for the absence to be excused.




Absences that are not excused will result in scores of 0 (zero) for all academic work missed during the absence. Parents / guardians of students accumulating 5 unexcused absences will be required to attend a hearing at the Central Office of the SBOE. Unexcused absences beyond 5 will result in referral to the Jackson County Juvenile Court.




Promptness to class is very important. Students are to be in their seats and ready to work when the 7:45 bell sounds.




If a student is absent for any excused reason as defined above, the student shall be allowed to make up schoolwork missed during said absence. Such work must be made up within a reasonable time as determined by the teacher and principal. Parents need to call the school office as early as possible to request work. Teachers will send homework for students who are absent to the office for parents to pick up by the end of the day. Teachers are not to disseminate homework in the room to parents before students are dismissed. The intention of this procedure is to cut down classroom interruptions and congestion in the halls at the end of the school day.




Students who are away from school because of participation in school-sponsored activities shall be marked present and allowed to make up schoolwork missed. Students are not to leave campus without permission from the principal or his designee.